Have an outdoor movie party; grab your projector and "...take it outside"

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Take your projector outside... build your own Backyard Theater.

You can start with a used LCD or DLP projector and a bed sheet and have a blast! You may already have enough retired home theater gear lying around to get a good start! Eventually you might run full surround sound with several speakers and subwoofers. Learn by browsing our forums, find great projector and screen deals in the Backyard Theater Marketplace, sprinkle in some "do it yourself", mix well with a popcorn machine, munchies, refreshments and some friends. Watch movies, sporting events, or use your PS3, Wii, Xbox system with your outdoor movie screen. Before you can say "Down in front!" -- you've got a Backyard Theater and fun for the whole family.

A few Backyard Theaters from our helpful forum members. You can do this too!

Tips from our forums: How to build a backyard theater on the cheap

More backyard theater photos, tips, and ideas!

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